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Thursday, May 15, 2008
  Pace Project Call for and some Approvals
I've been told that my prior declaration that I prefer to see projects that
made it sound like sections should not submit projects that relate to K-12 outreach.

Wrong. Every potential geek kid deserves to find the joy of innovation and "creation" that we get every day as Engineers. I don't want to discourage outreach to the kids.

I want to encourage outreach, training and programs for our members as well.

today I forwarded approvals for the Montana section's Robotics project for middle school outreach, and Orange County's project for an FE exam review course for engineers that want to get started on the road to Professional Registration as an Engineer.

Next month I will open up a funding requests for sections that already have one approved. If you don't want your first project competing with other sections second projects, down load the project forms and get them over to me. some information is available in the Region 6 community and the forms are also available on the IEEEUSA pace projects forms page
If you want suggestions or examples of similar projects, please ask me!.

Please help us spend this money! and spend it in ways that truely benefit the EE community!

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