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Monday, April 21, 2008
  Understanding How a Coach might help you
By way of Greg Wilson I ran across a few of the Google Tech Talk "Coaching" series.
Among the many benefits Google offers it's employees (free lunches, fun work etc) is access to "career coaches" to help employee's reach the next level. So what you say.. how does this help me? Well as part of their program they invited several of their coaches to give presentations - which like most "tech talks" are recorded and made available to the rest of us.. (thanks Google!)
to see this series go to the tech talks page and add "coaching" to the list of search terms..
I've not watched all of these yet, but I CAN recommend a couple..
Coaching Series: Leading from Strength: Making a Difference
Coaching Series: Accomplishing More By Doing Less
and there is one presentation that will Help YOU improve your ability to communicate with those you interact with, the core of the coaching (and influencing) process.
Coaching Series: Impactful Communication
-- Which video do you like the best?
should we have a presentation like that for one of our meetings?
Have you worked with a coach before ? Can you tell us how that did or did not work?

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Jonathan, I think Google is anchored on dreams and hard work and that's why I found the dreams and goals video to be powerful.

But, as the presenting coach Michael Beasley emphasizes, you have to be "ready" for whatever elements of the dream/goal present themselves. And that can be "messy" (Mike's a sculptor in his spare time).

1-1 coaching is an expensive resource for a corporate campus - and so to gain any critical mass, coaching / mentoring needs to flow through the veins from the top down.

mark mcclure
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